Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Sew on the Go: a Maker’s Journey

Hello Mobile Makery friends!

I miss my blog! So I’m going to start updating it again with further tales from The Mobile Makery aka Bambi. Bambi has been very busy since I last posted here, but I’ve mainly been updating via my Facebook page Mary Jane Makes & her Mobile Makery.

However, for those of you who’d like to have more fulsome blog updates - then I’m bringing them back. Where else do I really have the chance to share my exploits in detail? First up, is exciting news about the new book I’m publishing with UNBOUND.

Sew on the Go: a Maker’s Journey is going to be a beautiful creative travel book. It’s all about the journey Bambi and I made around Europe in 2015 - the very journey that I talked about in this blog. In addition, there’ll be a special ‘cut out and keep’ travelling wardrobe section - an extra chapter showing you how to sew a selection of chic and cheap upcycled outfits for stylishly hitting the road!

The book is being crowdfunded - and I’m well on the way to getting it out there. If you’d like to learn more about the book and buy an advance copy (or one of the many other fabulous treats on offer) then please click on this link. There’s a fab video on there too! https://unbound.com/books/sew-on-the-go/